Chemical products

Barrier Cream

This barrier cream is effective against a wide range of soils and acts as a good moisturiser and replenishing cream. It is easily absorbed into the pores of the skin providing protection against oil, grease and dirt.

It forms a barrier that protects against dilute acids, alkalis, paints, resins, epoxies, plastics, inks, tars etc that may contribute to skin irritations.

Moisturising cream

A superb quality multi-purpose disposable latex glove. The workhorse of the Ultrasafe examination glove range. Ambidextorous with excellent dexterity and sensitivity whilst still retaining optimum comfort and strength.

General industrial use; garages, car repairs, messy cleaning jobs, general hospital use, public services, Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance etc, pigment and paint industries, general assembly work and wherever there is a risk of contamination to the wearer, patient or the product.

A unique innovative concept with a strong, compact, rapid opening pack, containing a single pair of Ultrasafe latex gloves. Tamper evident tear strips and re-sealable for safe disposal makes this the ideal pack to carry upon the person, ensuring gloves are always immediately available whenever required.

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Chemical products

This website is all about chemistry and how various compounds can be used for household and day-to-day products.

Pharmaceutical products

Acetic anhydride is an intermediate that is a component of analgesics and other pharmaceutical and agricultural products. This segment’s other intermediate products include plasticizers and glycols. They also manufactures performance chemicals that are organic molecules, such as diketene derivatives, specialty ketones and specialty anhydrides for pharmaceutical, fibre, food and beverage ingredients which are typically used in specialty market applications.


Effective on grease and grime, leaving the hands not only clean and fresh but also moisturising and conditioning the skin. Each tub contains approximately 150 wipes, impregnated with a solution consisting of a mild, non-toxic solvent, coconut-oil based detergent, broad spectrum bactericide to sanitise the skin, and glycerine as an added skin conditioner and moisturiser. The polycotton wipes are tough and tear resistant and yet soft on the skin. This makes the product ideal for most light to medium hand cleansing operations, particularly where water is unavailable for regular washing.

Hand Cleaner

Newly developed formulation containing biodegrageable detergents and highly effective soaps. A double action product for improved cleaning. It combines the cleaning properties of the non-beaded gel with specially developed polybeads which offer maximum cleaning power with minimum harshness to skin. Contains fresh citrus fragrance.

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